Well done boys

Douglas Bowman and Zeldman, you know the one I mean, have landed one of the sweetest clients around. Apple. Bastards! Oops, did I say that out load? And when reading their remarks you get the feeling that it’s going to be real cushy number. Well, apart from the pressure to get it right.
Not a finger do they need to lift, all they will need to do is nod or shake their heads and drink coffee. Consulting, what a way to make a living. But I can gripe and moan all I like; Apple now has two seriously good designer/guru’s onboard. And if, and this is an if, Apple is going to overhaul their site the result will end up being nothing short of amazing. Web standards will be in everybody’s face, a possible webbuilders equivalent to what happened with the record companies and iTunes Music Store. Thinking different comes to modern webdesign and it’s about time too.

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