Through the eye of the beholder

Men working on London's © 2003 Matt StuartOnly having been there once before myself London did seem to me to be all about getting from A to B. A city on the move, a big mess trying to be something grand. Of course it’s also a modern city, a financial stronghold, a design beackon and a driving force for pop-culture. The old London seems to be for the tourists, points in time that are both the best and the worst of times. Like most European city’s with a glorious past it’s dwellers seem to take it’s history for granted. We walk on by. Viewing the world through Matt Stuart’s lens for example makes it a bit more special. Even his non-London pictures seem to express the same kind of movement and language, the same urban feel. It’s all very English and in this case this is not a bad thing. It could be the best of times.

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