Plus one

Just in case you hadn’t heard: The web juggernaut Google has gone all social on us and Twitter has, after Facebook added their status timeline, yet another competitor to contend with. Twitter’s uniqueness is fading and its focus is shifting. Many users push tweets to Facebook and those that don’t may jump ship to Google+.

Mixing friends and work can, as we all know, be a hassle. Facebook’s current all inclusive approach stems from its days as an alumni network and has therefore left an opening for Google to enter the market. Privacy is a concern that folks don’t want to have to deal with. Google+ approach is an attempt to help you manage these social circles or silos. The thing is I don’t want to manage that, I want that ambivalence to go away. What I’m left with is Facebook for friends and family, Google+ for work and Twitter as way to post short messages to the world. In my case Twitter has become a work tool and not a social one like Facebook.

I wonder if Twitter will once again become more soporific rather than the more networking and promotion tool it seems to have become. Google+ and Facebook are well suited for that kind of low level conversation and this has made me reconsider the way I use Twitter. Foursquare and Instagram are now that fun casual network, what Twitter used to be for me when it still worked through SMS.

Twitter is the ultimate microblogging tool, it excels at that. Google+ on the other hand also seems to be an excellent group microblogging tool. The reality is that Twitter is no longer a microblogging tool and is more like a RSS reader of users on the web. The moment we can push Google+ posts to Twitter will be the day that it becomes an aggregator only.