Life in the cemetery

statue in autum by Jonathan Clarkphotography © 2003 Jonathan ClarkLinkdup had recently linked Jonathan Clark’s four season site and I was duly impressed. I also meant to make a post on it but forgot all about it. I’m working on some projects that are taking up a lot of my time. But then I saw the link again on Todd Domineys blog.
Todd Dominey is the kind of designer that we see to few of these days. He’s spans the great divide of flash and webstandard markup. And happens to be good at both, so good in fact that I believe that Apple could have hired him instead of those other two guru’s (zeldman and bowman).

Jonathan Clark has a site that uses flash to bring his beautiful photography to life. The images move, sway and rustle in the wind. Never for a minute do I think that I’m looking at a movie or an animation. They remain photographs, even though they move and appear to have sound emanating from them. Still photography brought to life in a serene and almost spiritual way.
One thing I did find quite disturbing is that some of the statues come more to life than others. You’ll have to find out how and that’s worth doing yourself. This reminded me in a small way, although visually it’s completely different, of the film The Ring.

The fact that the photographs are beautiful, the animation so life like and interaction so subtle is a testament of what flash or shockwave can do and of what Jonathan Clark has done. This is truly an outstanding example of design, craftsmanship and skill.

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