ISO50, no, not a standard. Just a portfolio.

ISO50 presents itself via a popup. Wether you like it or not.Scott Hansen has got himself a portfolio site which he built in Flash with some help from Dusty Brown. Simple design, and yes it’s brownish. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the color brown as some magic quality on the web these days, like it’s websafe or something. But it does look damn good. The music fits the overall design which for once I didn’t feel the need to switch off. In fact the music along with the high quality work on offer made me stay on the site. Full marks for the ‘Lounging about’ factor. The thing I really don’t like is the use of a popup. Opening a new window like that seems a bit passe. The site doesn’t seem to benefit from a popup either. So why bother?
However. other than the popup and that it’s a bit slow on Safari (mainly Safari’s fault) this site is pretty good.

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