Dutch web heads getting serious

It’s about time that someone got the ball rolling and set up a non-profit organisation to ensure and promote a high level of front-end work. Some of the big names in the Netherlands have found their way on the guild’s membership list. Some, like Mirabeau, have made an almost miraculous transformation over the last couple of years in adopting web standards. I have doubts whether or not the other big names are up to par. But let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.

Looking at the mailing list I can see some serious talent on there and this makes me believe that this new organisation has the legs to stay the distance. More and more I see ‘web standards’ as a default requirement on certain job offerings. There is in my mind no real way for most companies to qualify any of the applicants. A certification may go a long way in separating the talent from the mediocre.  I’m very pleased to see this organisation come to fruition even though a guild like this may create a false sense of quality like some other guilds do. BNO is one group that suffers from this. They do some good workshops, seminars and presentations but the quality of their members differs wildly and thus makes me wonder if their average member level reflects the level that the BNO is boasting.

However, not to start such a guild would be a mistake. Getting businesses and educators to realise that there is such a thing as a front-end professional is, sadly, still a struggle. A Guild of Front-enders was bound to happen and it’s a good thing that someone got the ball rolling.