CSS Day is drawing nigh

The past few years have seen a significant shift in implementing a design on the Web. Layout and custom properties signalled the way forward, but several seemingly minor tweaks have pushed CSS into new territory. We should expect a new wave of CSS libraries.

Interestingly, the input of outside development is responsible for some of these long-awaited features. Obviously, the market is pushing for these features that the browser vendors have failed to prioritise. To their credit, they have embraced and encouraged this work. No wonder we're seeing some fantastic events being organised to flex those new CSS capabilities. CSS Day conference is coming up this June, and looking at the lineup and the topics; it is easy to see that we're on the precipice of a new way of implementing a design on the Web.

I've got plenty of views on what's happening and see a clear way forward for my work as a Design Engineer.

Stay tuned.

Posted on: June 3rd, 2022

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