CSS Day 2022, all aboard for Interop 2022

CSS day 2022 was two days, instead of just the one day when they started. What started small has now grown a bit, just like CSS has. From the outset, the organisers seemed to relish jumping into the deep end, which turned out to be the right move; the passion in this community is fantastic.

Writing CSS is a part of creating anything on the web. For many front-end developers, CSS is an abstraction, something they never touch. For design engineers, this is a core tenet of what we do and is necessary to implement a design to its fullest potential.

The conference highlighted many new features we now have, and Rachel Andrew talked about what is coming in the Interop 2022 initiative.

And with these new features, several things jumped out:

  1. The way we expose our code as APIs (CSS is more than a cascade)
  2. How we organise our code will change as we can better manage scoping and isolation.
  3. The way we work and the personal responsibility it brings

Three topics I'll write about in upcoming posts.

Posted on: June 25th, 2022

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