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About me

I’m Egor Kloos and I’ve been workin’ the web since 1997, full-time since 1999 and this blog since Y2K. The blog has gone through a number of versions and I think this is version #7. Can’t be sure because I don’t tend to save my designs. Web Design in my eyes is often like street art. Here today, gone tomorrow. The content, however, remains the same and in the same place. This should be true of any content. Presentation is a means to an end, but the content is an on the record expression by its author. This concept is becomes glaringly obvious trough Dave Shea's CSS Zen Garden project.

I started blogging to serve as an outlet for my opinions on web standard related matters. Design, identity, typography, photography, accessibility, usability and durability. I see the good and I see the bad. I usually opine on the good that could be better.

‘Dutchcelt’ refers to my dual heratiage. I’m both Dutch and Irish, born in Dublin and living in Rotterdam.

For more information on what I actually do you can view my CV on Linkedin. There you can see the companies I have worked for in the past: Tiscali, Total Active Media (previously ZaPPWeRK), ARA Interactive, 42 and Lunatech. With these companies I've been fortunate enough to have worked for Fortis, Mitsubishi, UPS, Royal Dutch Airforce, Ahold, Several Dutch Ministries, SDU publishers, Elsevier Reed, Polaroid, ANWB, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPN, Telfort, Schiphol, CenterParcs and many more.