About me

I'm Egor Kloos, and I've been workin' the web since 1997, full-time since 1999, and this blog since Y2K. The blog has gone through several versions, and I think this is version #8. But, who knows? I'm not keeping track. I started blogging to serve as an outlet for my opinions on web-related matters. Mainly Design Systems with Web Components, Design, typography, accessibility, usability, and durability. I like to make things that last. I don't aim to futureproof my work, but longevity has been a theme since I contributed to Dave Shea's CSS Zen Garden project. You can view my CV on Linkedin for more information on my work as a Design Engineer. Also, feel free to reach out on Twitter: @dutchcelt

'Dutchcelt' refers to my dual heritage. I'm both Dutch and Irish, born in Dublin and living in Rotterdam. This duality helps me look at the world differently and all it offers on the web, design, photography, food, drink, and travel. So, from hence forth this blog is me savouring all these good things in life.

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