Live search

Using keywords and or metadata is becoming al the rage these days. Like it was something new. Sites like en flickr where the users add the tag themselves is proving that the collective information they provide can produce extremely effective navigation solutions.

Jon Hicks, Jason Kottke and Dunstan Orchard have on their blogs navigation tools that drill quickly down into their website. Live search is the bee’s knees.
Web servers are getting faster, more powerful and cheaper. This has enabled the growth of weblogging tools like Expression Engine and Movable Type. The continued evolution of web browsing software has lead to more and more existing techniques being available on all viable platforms and browsers.

Without copious amounts of bandwidth, without cheap processing power, without a new level of compatibility among browsers remote scripting would never have happened. But I’m glad it did because now I don’t need to say to a client, ‘No, you can’t do that,”  The real question then gets asked, “Do you want to do that?”

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