the slippery slope

Just read this article on the CNET news site.

Demand for the browser on Apple’s new CPU platform is expected to rocket as the PC vendor last week started selling the first Macs based on CPUs from Intel. Previously Apple had used IBM’s PowerPC chips.

Apple is now being referred to as a ‘PC vendor’. Well, that didn’t take very long now did it?

Reading this you can easily follow Apple’s reasoning when creating the ad for the new intel mac shown during the recent keynote, amd again at the end. The percieved difference between PC’s and Macs seems te be getting less and less. We’ve heard this all before, but personally I don’t think it’s a fair comment. Apple actuallly used to make those grey, dull little boxes. The real equaliser today seems to be content itself. Look at some of the big players. Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Apple, HP, Motorola. These very different companies but they’re competing for the consumer market. That’s in my view one the reasons why they seem to becoming more alike when presenting themselves.

Has anybody noticed that Apple hasn’t touted the speed of Intel’s Core Duo chip like they use to do for the PowerPC? Compare it to the single core G5 and you can still wonder if they actually gained any pure processing speed at all. They’ve upgraded the bussspeeds, graphics and memory on the iMac and I wonder if this alone would make up for the differences in the faster end product. As we’ve seen in tests of all these new fangled dual core processors is that the actual gains can be marginal at best. The processor switch doesn’t mean better computers or a better experience. It does make them more competitive, because Apple can now keep up with the Joneses.

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