The impending death of IE6

The obituary is a comin’. Ie6 will soon be dead. Dead as a door nail. Even if users will be using it it will still be dead. Why?

Of course it won’t actually be dead, but, in effect many web developers will soon no longer be treating it as a grade A browser. Does anybody remember IE5.5 and how quickly that just disappeared? With the development life cycles of some web projects these days there may actually be no point in supporting IE6 all. Will IE6 even be around in 18 months? Maybe, but it won’t be much. Even if computer suppliers avoid Vista they will at least use the latest service packs for XP which comes with IE7 as standard.
Soon, well, actually, from today I’m officially downgrading IE6’s importance to clients. Adjacent selectors here I come!
If the client only want’s IE6 compliance then they go somewhere else, or at least I’ll give it to somebody else. My argument is simple, IE6 is expensive to maintain and implement and its importance to end users is diminishing.
That’s not to say I won’t take IE6 into consideration when building it’s just that testing IE6 will be after the fact and not during production. (By the way, I dropped IE6 from the mock-up phase ages ago.)

You may think that I’m jumping the gun here. There are still so many users, especially in the Netherlands, that use IE6. Well, from my point of view it’s more like jumping the shark, it’s time to move on.
Furthermore, two new browsers have appeared on the scene and are destined to have a massive impact. IE8 and Google’s Crome are not just flights of fancy, I believe that we are looking at the two dominant browsers of the next decade. Over the next two years we’ll see users adopt these two browsers en masse. Apple, Mozilla and, well, poor old Opera will remain minor players. I especially pity that poor old browser from way op north. They held so much promise and conquered so little. What a tragedy, time to pack it in boys.

The reality is that Goolge’s release has just changed the name of the game. Microsoft will come out charging with there shiny new browser, IE8. They’ll have no choice in the matter and this time they’d better get the marketing right. Googles chrome, their first beta release, is already so much better than anything else and considering their market reach/penetration in the consumer market they will almost guarantee a large adoption rate of chrome. Good times indeed.

With all these developments unfolding supporting IE6 seems like lunacy to me.

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