Statistics, modern browsers here we come

Safari is the third browser on the net, has been for a while now. My own site, the one you’re looking at now has Safari as the third browser also. However I don’t look at browsers that way. I’m looking forward to the day that I’ll only write for modern browsers. When breaking down the stats for modern browsers Safari is still third, but Internet Explorer 6 is forth.

The breakdown of the top browsers visiting this site are as follows:

  1. Firefox 2
  2. Internet Explorer 7
  3. Safari 2
  4. Internet Explorer 6
  5. Opera 9
  6. Camino 1.5

Internet Explorer 6 has dropped below 10 percent. This is site is by no means representative of the market but this is a foreshadowing of what’s to come. That means I can start writing my CSS with adjacent selectors for example. IE7 still has some of the strange problems that IE6 has. Inheritance being one of the big ones. But before the year is out I’ll be pushing PNG with transparency onto my clients along with fancy CSS selectors. I can’t do everything yet but it’s getting better, bit by bit.

My personal top 3 wish-list of cool CSS already seen in some browsers to become ubiquitous:

  1. Microsoft box model (border-box)
  2. Multiple backgrounds
  3. Multiple columns

Why these three? We can get rid of a surprising amount of superfluous HTML by having these three properties at our disposal.

Note: Safari 3 for Windows is just under 1%, higher than IE5.5.

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