Since my Zen Garden entry I’ve been getting questions that some would like to use the pictures and other graphics I’ve used. After all it’s my design and I hold the rights to it, but is good of them to ask. Most just take what they want.

It’s true that some of the visual material is royalty free but many copyright laws, this will differ between countries, would apply the rights of the site the material is taken from. Thus permission from me would required and if I’m merely a licensee I would need to defer them to the copyright holder. So if anybody wanted to use some of the photographs from my Zen Garden entry I would need to refer them to iStockphoto also known as the designers dirty little secret.

For the background in the Mozilla / Opera / Safari design I used a pattern taken from Travis Beckham’s Squidfingers site. I had a pattern of my own which I wasn’t to happy with and so I started to look around for pattern design across the Internet. Travis’ patterns are on the whole pretty good, a few are average but many are really very good. The one I’m using fitted my design very well, it was to good to pass up.

I always have to think twice when I use something I didn’t create. Especially when it’s something I could have possibly made myself. Then I remember that I’m making something new, something fresh. Even if I reuse something old, something that was once something else. Designing is like that, a design may look very new but if you look closer it often feels familiar.

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