“Sorry, I have no comment”, but don’t let that stop you.

The phrase “Sorry, I have no comment” is often heard by the besieged who know that as soon as they open their mouth someone is going to stick a loaded gun in it. “Sorry, no comment” and eat a little crow. Better that than having to eat your own words later on. Not so brave but kind of safe. Well fuck that, it’s not like I’m some kind of political spin doctor for gods sake.

I’ve finally activated the commenting option on this pMachine weblog. A number of things I fear can happen:
1. Next to no one will comment on the posted blogs.
2. People who do comment go strait into offtopic mode.
3. Commentators start ranting and flaming.

All this would make having a comments option pointless. To avoid some of this I should take more care to write blogs that are of some value and or are appealing to the readers. And writing is not my strong suit. Content, good content is very hard to create never mind getting it right. Sites filled with poor content that might as well be ‘Lorum ipsum’ text is something that I see time and time again. It’s an occupational hazard. In this light allowing readers to comment could also help to give me an insight what to do for the weblog and what I’m not doing.

In the end I do a lot commenting on other sites and I don’t let others do the same on my site. So to hell whether it works or not, whether I’ll get a verbal beating or not and even if it really makes any sense or not. This is a weblog and I shouldn’t worry to much about any of these things. Speaking my mind and allowing others to respond in whichever way they like is in itself more of a compelling reason then anything else.

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