Some have MOSe growing in their garden.

I’m a happy camper, why? I’ve just had my design accepted to the Zen Garden. And it’s covered in MOSe.

Yes MOSe, that thing you don’t see on a website but you know it’s there because you’re looking at something that wouldn’t work in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE). And if you’re using IE then you wouldn’t know what you are missing because the site works normally. IE is really starting to look a bit sad when we get to see in other browsers the things that CSS can do.

I’ve been tinkering around with this technique for a while now, especially when I saw on Mezzoblue that others were also fiddling around with it. That is also when I read that it had a name, MOSe.

I haven’t used MOSe much since I built this weblog, which uses a fair bit of it. I always thought that the Zen Garden would be the best place to experiment publicly with this technique. But I never seemed to get round to designing a submission of my own. I mean the bar was already high so I had to get it right. And I wanted to add something extra… but what?

One day I was thinking on how stupid it used to be when we always had to build two versions of one site. What a waste of time. Web standards have changed all that, mainly due to CSS. Now we can build just one version of one site for most browsers through the use of cleaver hacks and common code that all the new browsers share. CSS lets us do what was once impossible.
So I figured why not have CSS do what we used to do. Build two versions of one site.
MOSe will let me create a design for IE and another for Mozilla / Opera / Safari, and that’s exactly what I did. So fire up IE and one of the good browsers and see how powerful this MOSe technique can be.

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