Sixstation has a strong Japanese sound and that’s not to say manga like. Although this music does remind me slightly of the manga film AKIRA. But that is only because that this film used it’s Japanese influence well and made it’s own. This site also show’s in part it’s chinese influence. So I cant really tell where it’s coming from. The site reveals that it was made in Hong Kong. I’ll try and find out more.
This site uses flash to present it self and does it well. The music is normally something I’d switch off first, but not with this site. Even though the music sounds japanese and the visuals look chinese I think that this is a great site. Worthy of anybody’s time, enjoy!

Sixstation’s Benny informed me that the music is indeed Japanese. And my guess that it had an AKIRA sound to it wasn’t far off because both AKIRA and Sixstation use music from the same artist. Namely Geinoh Yamashirogumi and the tracks on the site were taken from his ‘Ecophony rinne’ album. The visuals on the other hand are in fact Sixstation’s own creation. And the mix of Japanese and Chinese is in fact a Hong Kong paradigm. So many cultures have traveled trough Hong Kong that it picked up many influences over the past millennia. Those who live there can rightfully pick at the cultures, and the designs, that makes them them. The visuals are in fact a representation of where Benny lives making the ‘Mix’ even more appropriate. Always good to get a bit of background on a site.

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