Simple and flash

Another Flash porfolio site. Okay it’s black, another one of those colours that still lingers on from the DOS era like a blinking green florescent cursor. Hey, isn’t someone writing “We are Dual” on the homepage like a lazy Bob Dylan?. <sarcasm>Full marks for thinking that one up. </sarcasm>

Just to be serious for a moment (wont take long) I really like this website. Despite the “look mom, real handwriting!” I do think the homepage is pretty cool. They have kept the rest of the site simple and smooth, making the site accessible to potential clients who wont have the latest and greatest gaming machine. I wonder why they require Flash 7 though, couldn’t they have made this in Flash 5? The style is familiar but does work very well. If you’re going to build a site with old standard flash tricks you’d better do it right. Otherwise you’ll just look like an amateur but Dual has made a handsome site showcasing their excellent work.

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