sIFR forth time round

I can’t beleive I missed the upgrade. Better download it quick and get my sites that are the running the script up to scratch. Version 4 seem to have most of the quirks ironed out.

I’ve been working on a idea to include the technique on this site. The problem is that most solutions with this technique don’t look that good. In most cases where you would like to use an alternative font sIFR is a poor one. The claim that sIFR is an improvement for web typography is one that I’d concede, but only just.

Don’t use this technique unless you can achieve an acceptable level of typography. Avoid font’s that tend to get fuzzy and also use the technique on a limited amount of text because it can slow your webpage down to a crawl and thus don’t make your font sizes to small. Even if you follow these suggestions you’ll find that many solutions don’t pan out. Flash just isn’t up to the job yet.

However, the technique is a testament to the resolve of designers and developers looking for a solution to a major problem. So don’t discount sIFR either. Give it a whirl!

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