Safari 1.2 breaks my blog

Just downloaded the new Safari 1.2 via Mac OS X’s ‘Software Update’ facility. And wouldn’t you know, my homepage and portfolio gallery are messed up. Nothing really serious but still a pain in the butt. However Safari 1.2 doesn’t mess up any of the sites I’ve made for others. That’s a relief, I’m apparently only sloppy when it comes to my own sites. (including my Zen Garden submission, the link section doesn’t work very well)

I’m going to have a busy week. Because besides fixing the Mozilla 1.6 mess I’ll now have to install an older version of Safari for future testing. That means (re)installing Jaguar (OS X 10.2). Woe is me.

Update: Safari is really FAST!!!! DHTML pages with animation work really well now and are very fast to boot. And flash sites run very smooth on my old G4. I’m amazed.

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