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Above the line communications will more than likely benefit from the recent development in non-volatile colour e-paper because Fujitsu has apparently cracked it. The main issue for e-paper was that the solutions thus far needed to be constantly powered and where maintenance intensive due to the fragile technology. This made the TCO too high with the benefits being too nominal. Looks like thinks are gonna change.

Why do I find this development interesting? Well mainly because this opens the way to IP driven public displays. Billboards and or posters across the globally could be updated instantly. A whole new breed of CMS systems will evolve. This won?t happen overnight, the technology in not here yet but it is a reality and you can place your bets that these systems will go online.

Stock tickers, once a must have on any site during the nineties will make there inevitable but brief entry to the billboard scene as well. More exciting is that News headlines, RSS feeds, even short articles will become as dominant as they are on the web. Blogging a poster could become a reality, and why not?
Mobile web always seems to be on the verge of breaking through, I?m still waiting. The nature of the fragmented mobile client software market hasn?t done it any favours and the outdoor billboard market could suffer a similar fate. However the hardware to drive these new e-paper posters will be of the ?off the shelf? type, namely PC?s. Time Square will remain the same because it?s the lower end of the market that?s screaming for a more cost effective solution. E-papers promise seems closer than ever.

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