Panther fontbook

Apple has a lot too offer just of late. The new G5 looks like a winner, about time. And the new OS X (Panther) is also a bit of good news. By the years end Apple will be back on top as far as graphics and AV go. Okay, okay, the AV comment is bit of a stretch. Or is it? Optical audio ports!?!
But all things considered what all this hype may just come down to maybe this.

“Does is have what I want?”

It’s all going to be easier and faster, but that is not what I want. That is what I expect to get and so should we all. It all started to sound a bit familiar, thus the “so what” feeling started to set in, until I started to take a closer look. Tucked away in the marketing section “Panther: sneak peak” I found a little gem. The fontbook. Okay we still have our much loved Suitcase, the font tool of choice for well over a decade now. For all it’s effort and it’s “I can’t live without it” factor it could do with some competition now that ATM Deluxe and IE are playing domino’s in binary heaven. And it looks pretty good already. This is one of the things I want and I can’t wait.

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