One page fits all

Well look at this, a website in a webpage. Diorange has somehow got the bright idea to put their website on a single webpage. Simple and good looking to boot. What I find shocking is that even though the lay-out is so minimal it still uses tables in it’s construction. Why? What’s the point?

This makes me wonder if the idea to build the website this way was such a cleaver idea in the first place. But rather a solution to making a website with little or no web building skills. Graphically the design is nice, I like it. Good choice of colour, it creates an attractive and well balanced look. Alas, navigation wise it sucks. When you jump to a new section you find yourself without any navigation. That’s not very cleaver now is it. Making something look and appear simple but also simple to use is more complicated that it looks, as this site demonstrates by getting it wrong. A case of a pretty face and no brain.

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