MS PowerMac

Apple, the love and joy of graphic designers around the world. Right up until they find out they’ve been shafted all these years. Realising the fact that the new xbox 360 is a variation of a PowerPC and that it will be more than twice as fast as the fastest Mac at a fraction of the cost. Especially that last bit will sting.

Okay it’s not a fair comparison but that’s how it might spin. If Apple ever jumps to 3 GHz it will not have that ‘shock and awe’ effect because they’ll still be slower than Microsoft’s xbox 360. Dual processor’s may still give Apple some PR manoeuvring room. That will go out the window as soon as they mention they’ll be moving to dual core systems. Having dual processors with dual cores won’t hack it either. I can already see the crowds yawning. “Yes, but that itty bitty game console has got three core’s”. And to consumers ‘3’ is still higher than ‘2’. Hence the name of the new MS console. XBox 360. As if it’s the successor to the PS2, that’s what they will make it sound like.

Consoles are the new cool, the new cutting edge. PowersMac’s are not.

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