Making the web happen 2009

It’s a new year and there is a lot happening. Microformats took one in the teeth after being snubbed by the BBC, outsourcing is a bit of a mugs game in light of the recent scandal by Satyam Computer Services, IE8 is taking it’s time because it looks like will have a summer release, Firefox can’t get any traction in the Netherlands and I’ve discovered looking for good senior web developers is a bit like panning for gold after the rush. Hard tedious work with little to no return.

All these things will make for an interesting year.

Businesses and the creatives all want what web standards can deliver but actually making the stuff happen the way it’s supposed to is still pretty rare. We want web developers but is to much to ask for some web standards savvy when building web applications? In essence this is not a huge problem, it’s a question of perception management towards the client. Don’t promise anything you have no hope in hell of delivering. That is, in the end, not what usually happens.

Programmers/developers are not web developers and now that clients are actually expecting a more and more from their web apps this difference is becoming very obvious, often painfully so. JavaScript is doing for web applications what CSS did for websites. Web Standards in the enterprise is here to stay.

It’s time to roll up my sleeves and knock some heads together.


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