JPEG2000 for next X-mas?

It’s been a while that Quicktime (partially) supports the new JPEG2000 format on OS X. I’ve found this new format to be so good that I think they shouldn’t have used ‘JPEG’ in the naming of this potential image standard. JPEG2000 is so more advanced than JPEG that its unimaginative naming is quite misleading. I only wish that the ‘new browsers’ would add this little gem to their rendering engines. Apart from animated gifs it could easily replace static gifs, jpegs and pngs.

The wavelet technology provides superior compression and can even, so they claim, provide lossless compression. Alpha transparency and 16bit colour makes JPEG2000 very flexible. This flexibility isn’t matched by PNG because PNG doesn’t offer the ability to control the amount of compression applied on an image.

It’s was just a matter of time before this standard would be adopted by the large digital stock photography companies. Alinari one of Europe’s oldest has decided to switch to the JPEG2000 format. The ability to compress images without familiar JPEG compression artefacts and thus maintaining high image quality was something Alinari couldn’t ignore. An image saved in JPEG set to 50% quality is still twice as large as the same image saved in JPEG2000 also set at 50%, furthermore the quality of the JPEG2000 image is much greater than the ‘old’ JPEG version. The quality of compression is simply astounding.  Now if Apple, Microsoft and Adobe can get their act together then there is nothing to stop Mobile computing going Technicolor?.

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