It’s been a great year… again.

Another year has past and it’s always good to reflect and admire what the Internet has offered us. First post in a line of fame for 2003.

Each year the Internet has something great to offer. Stories, discussions, music and video clips have been no exception to the Internet bonanza of treats and trinkets. Sites like the CSS Zen Garden have shown some of the remarkable abilities that are possible with web standards that aren’t otherwise possible. The emergence of the weblog and the improvement of existing web technologies have enabled what was once promised during the hype. The hype is gone and so now we’re seeing the Internet actually coming to fruition, it’s a start at the very least.
Flash was found to be overrated but the diehards are sticking to it, so the last word has not been said. And the demise of Netscape may have actually saved Mozilla. And in the meantime we’ve been able to admire great content like this:

Timmy and Tammy

This has been one of my favourites this year. The sound is a bit crappie and the video isn’t much better and still this video clip has been one of this years best bits of online entertainment. It’s doesn’t have to be perfect to be great, or even the best. Press play and enjoy.

Kudos to the magnificent creators:
Video by Jesse Alexander.
Music by Arron Bennet.

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