It’s a cross browser world.

You may have noticed cNet’s article on IBM (formally known as ‘Big Brother’) getting on the Firefox bandwagon and giving it more than a symbolic gesture of support. They’re giving it actual support.

This in my eyes shows a real shift towards a more general acceptance that the web is multi platform and cross browser. All those involved in creating content and or software for the web need to be aware of this. We still have a ways to go yet. Most are still intrinsically tied (some would say chained) to Microsoft and many are often unaware that they are. But what is a world without choice? Firefox is an actual choice for end users. Don’t get left by the way side and consider your options.

Think cross browser, design cross browser and write cross browser. Surfing via software that embodies a multi platform and cross browser world can only be a good thing. Don’t you think?

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