In my own words eh pictures

Linkdup has been a bit quiet lately, many of the links were updates and or are just not that interesting. To be honest that could just be me though, tired and jaded.

Then I came across a photo weblog site. Picture blogging is now becoming more popular in the wake of two phenomenon, weblogging and digital photography. Photonika does seem to have the right idea. Only pictures no text, well except for the comments. The pictures are just snapshots, though they’re nice pictures, it’s the whole photo blog that makes them really great. The background and colors reminds me of that beige and white color scheme that is also popular, being biased and all it still does look good. And so does the photo blog ‘Eyes on me’ which has an great but odd format although it doesn’t look finished.

But photo blogs don’t have to have a nice layout. The lack of layout and or design can work very well like ‘Ari’s Photolog’. The same could be said of David F. Gallagher’s photo blog but being a journalist obviously helps as well, that poor man is always on the go. It does make for a really great photo log, and this is a pure photo log and thus not an extra weblog feature like ‘Eyes on me’ or Craig Lintons photo blog.

In the end these are just weblog’s whether it’s words or pictures it doesn’t really matter. They both have their charm. Personally I love these ‘pure’ photo blogs. Photonika is certainly one to bookmark. It has got me thinking and I might just add a photo blog to this site. We’ll see.

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