If a doodle could fly

In the past I’ve complained bitterly about those 45 degree ‘cut off’ angles and acid coloured background design. As styles in their own right they’re pretty good looking but as a trend they sucked big time. A real cop out! Just like scanning in your sketches and using that as your sites visual design. “LOOK! Real handwriting!” There has been the odd exception to the rule that has survived the test of time but most of these new sites seem very old hat to me.

Recently I’ve been noticing more print designers trying their hand at a website because there is more work around. And yes here we go again. In the past many former print designers, including myself, went through hell and back trying to get the hang of this web thing. And when it all went sour many with one toe in the water ran for the hills. But now they seem to coming back to see how many converts have survived the flood. Blub.

Okay this a case of sour grapes on my part but since when was a doodle on piece of paper ‘way cool’? Oh, and don’t forget the old office desk as a navigation tool. Who would of thought? And the less said about scrolling maps the better.

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