IE7 nearing completion

In 2003 I made a little CSS Zen Garden called Gemination that has been well received well by those in the know when it comes to web standards. I made the design with compatibility in mind allowing for enhanced features in the browsers of the day. Never using hacks that are in violation of the W3C specifications. Because when you do you know you’re going to have to fix it at some point. IE7 is starting to shape up.

I’ve always wondered if building withing the specs and within the ability shared across the current browsers would endure over time. All the modern browsers have in the past two a half year released major updates. I’ve haven’t needed to alter the zen garden even once. The fancy hover technique did get a flaky in few firefox and Safari releases but seems to work fine now. IE7 has recently joined that club, as Molly Holzschlag mentions in her blog

It’s funny to think that at some point nobody will be using IE6 and that that version will no longer be seen. The dual design will effectively cease to exist. Also funny to see my own CSS code after all this time, I just took a peak for old time sake. My own methods have evolved quite a bit, but the methodology hasn’t. IE7 is my proof that I haven’t been messing around. Dave Shea’s view on future proofing has some merit after all.

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