Hole in one

Todd Dominey has just finished a site on the british open. The site is a good example of web standards and a bit of flash. The HTML to get Flash up and running is of course a bit of pain because it doesn’t validate. Blame Microsoft, Netscape and Macromedia. Don’t they know that the embed tag isn’t and never has been a part of the HTML standard? The site needs to jump through some hoops to appear to validate. But in reality is doesn’t.

Well, never mind. I think I’ll get over it, the site is very well put together. Provides loads of information and looks better than the PGA site. And I’ll bet it will get them thinking, ‘Why haven’t we done it this way before?’

Some have putt the notion forward that the loss of Netscape as a web browser means that web standards are basically what IE tells us they are. But don’t forget, web standards flag bearers have never claimed it be platform specific. It’s just that Microsoft hasn’t kept their eye on the W3C ball. But if the rumors are true and that Microsoft will bring their tasman engine over to windows we will soon be looking at a new generation of web standards compliant browsing.

IE for the mac is not dead but lives on in MSN for mac. The new tasman engine it provides is a step in the right direction. In fact it boasts a vast array of selectors previously not seen in any browser. The :before and :after pseudo elements are still not supported however. Bummer.

Microsoft now has a chance to hit a hole in one. Although I’m praying that they will, I’m also not holding my breath. Must be the agnostic in me.

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