Great looking bad webdesign

What? Yeah I know, it’s a bit cryptic but bear with me you may happen to agree. Or not.
Splashpages serve a limited purpose and have been dumped as an entry page from most websites. Anyone remember that Surfstation used to have a splashpage? But they’re still being used, my own site being a case in point. I’ve added some navigation to my entry page but it’s still a splashpage. I haven’t been chastised or shunned for it, but still, it has always kind of bugged me.

Often I look at another website and think that their splashpage should be there as I felt was the case with Tiffany Malakooti’s site. In many cases the whole splashpage is usually a single link on an image and so I’m often not all too confident that I’ll enter the site’s homepage. This to me is the biggest flaw by such splashpages and Tiffany also make this error by not expressing what the hell is going on. Style doesn’t take precedence over usability. A simple “Enter” link would go a long way in giving the user a leg up. On the other hand I do get a vibe, an inkling of what to expect an impression if you will. Those visiting her website will often expect to find a portfolio site. This is one reason why splashpages are still around because in this respect they work very well. A first impression never goes amiss when presenting yourself. So the splashpage has remained in the realm of personal websites/weblogs.

Once inside you’ll need to use some form of navigation and what has been understood to be one of the worst navigation methods is the pulldown menu. And Tiffany presents us with three pulldown menu’s. By using the pulldown menu’s I realised that the menu’s have no relation to each other and offer no additional information as to where you are or as to where you came from.
The content is the sites redeeming factor, it shows a good level of graphic design. And should help her get a position at some design company. The look and feel (style) of the website is quite nice and personally I like it and is also the reason why I thought I’d post it, but alas the webdesign does let her down.

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