Fronteers 2010

Fronteers has a conference that has been growing in stature year by year. This years lineup of speakers is just mind blowing. You may not want to miss this. In fact can you afford not to?


Front-end as a discipline has been evolving at a very rapid pace these last few years. JavaScript has taken off in a very big way. This is mainly due to HTML5 needing to document browser behaviour and thus impacting JavaScript. Logically they started adding features to support the extended DOM.

To me the whole JavaScript resurgence means that I need to back away from scripting. It’s become to much of a specialty that it now falls outside my core competency. Web design. Contrary to what many might think, coding is not a part of web design. Being able to author HTML is one thing, crafting cross browser CSS is another and JavaScript is something else entirely. Web design is creating a presence utilising the web stack. Adding Flash, Flex, JavaFX where needed. Specialising in the web stack or part of it falls outside the web design discipline.

So Fronteers is more of an engineering club. Not a design club, eventhough designers like myself are a member. I need to understand what it is that make a web presence happen. That I’ve become proficient in CSS is just a side effect.

JavaScript more than anything determines how the engineering side of front-ending works. CSS is the other side of the front-ending coin deals the presentation layer. So in this years Fronteers conference reflects this dual core competency with dual tracks for scripting and presentation with HTML5 permeated throughout.

So pick your poison and get stuck in. The web hasn’t been this exciting since the 90’s!

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