forms the webstandard way

For last month now I’ve been working on a website that offers an interface for inserting a multitude of content into a database.  This interface is to be accessible to many different users, thus needs to be multiplatform and crossbrowser.

One thing has become apparent to me. Making large and complex webforms the webstandards way generates as much if not more code than using tables. However they are more flexible and easier to maintain. If we could dump al IE browsers (PC and Mac) the world would be a better place. But alas we will have to wait at least 7 years before we can consider dropping the IE browsers. However I would suggest in dropping IE for the mac today. It more trouble than it’s worth. Just charge more for including the old mac browser and see the clients run a mile.

As a mac fanatic I dumped IE5 for Mac as soon as Netscape 6.2 arrived, it runs on classic too. So what are you dumb mac heads waiting for? Classic users download yourself NS7 (this is a prerelease version) or even better switch to OSX and use Firefox. Despite the branding mess it’s in this is a very good browser. Even IE6 diehards have switched to Firefox.

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