Food glorious food

Food photography is a difficult and specialised profession. Done right, like the photography found on Wolfgang Kleinschmidts website one can turn the most staunchest of vegans when presented with a mouth-watering photograph of a steak and kidney pie. Or have a chocoholic fall of the wagon with a single picture of a chocolate cake.

Flash as I’ve mentioned before actually makes it more difficult to build a great photography portfolio. And once again we see the problem of bookmarking some of the great content, a real shame. Especially when you want to show someone a specific example. However, this site does present it’s content really well. Nothing overtly showy or obtuse, just simple ‘next page’ and ‘previous page’ hover states to help navigation. Also the simple transitions work well. The interface doesn’t get in the way of the content, and that is almost rare. Even though the usability is still a serious problem within Flash this portfolio site seems to cope well. The content is simply that good.

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