Field Music - In Context

Every now and then I see something that I’ve seen before but in a ever so slightly different way that makes me go, “oh, wow”.

This video on YouTube shows how a single pen line motion can be mesmerizing like the psychedelic visuals on iTunes when playing a song. The end game is the entire picture and the beauty is that the process itself is art, the actual manual creation is where the value lies. The whole picture is just something else and it’s connection to the process makes the picture itself beautiful and more importantly memorable.  It is a promo video after all.

This video reminded me of a Photosynth demonstration that can create a single visual metaphor by linking individual images with overlapping meta data. It becomes a very natural way of embedding additional information. It also highlights the importance of semantics. Everything is connected by meaning and not context as is the case with all folksonomies. The more we make things in a semantic way both programmatically and conceptually the more our personal digital data (music, pictures, text and video) become more relevant and useful.

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