Designing weblogs

I’ve been busy designing and building for VKmag (dutch) and Totallaycrap. Nozzman did the styling for both sites. Nice job Nozzie! I’ve been busy on the layout design and front-end production. The clown has made it to version 4.

Both sites have just been re-released with the new design allowing for channeling of specific content that would be considered undesirable by unsuspecting users whilst maintaining focus on our target audience. Time will tell if we got it right. The initial signs are promising.

Also I’ve joined yet another networking group, this one is for dutch webloggers: Dutch directions. Lets hope this helps the development of online content in the Netherlands. Happy Clog doesn’t seem to be very active at the moment, which is a shame. Web standards in the Netherlands still feels very far away. Especially with the new hype of Web 2.0 and Ajax. These buzzwords seem to lend themselves for web standards but due to the lack of talent we’ll see Web 2.0 solutions that are anything but web standard. In fact we can already see this happening. Pity-full I say.

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