Deprecated HyperText Markup Language

Yes, that?s my new definition of DHTML. The abbreviation stands for all that has gone before in the world of Javascript, HTML and CSS. Most of what we?ve seen over past few years has been very damaging to the reputation of Javascript in particular. Don?t you think it?s time to drop this nineties buzzword into the bin?

This picture of Mark was taken yesterday at our web standards meetup. In this meetup and in others it became clear that a lot work still has to be done to get Javascript out of the stoneages. Mark ?sIFR? Wubben has done some stellar work of note and shows us that Javascript isn?t just a dirty word. Peter-Paul Koch has pushed for a more sensible and practical use of Javascript. Bobby van der Sluis has advocated on numerous occasions that more standard and ubiquitous methods should be used. Personally I go to considerable lengths to remove any style controls from Javascript. No more Leave the style and it?s rendering to the CSS, that?s what it?s there for!

Since the advent of the buzzword ?AJAX? the abbreviation ?DHTML? has also been popping up. Just when you think a word is dead and buried it starts showing some signs of life. The reason we haven?t heard the term much any more is mainly due to phrases like ?Web Standards?, ?ECMA? and the ?DOM?.
These phrases have been replacing ?DHTML and have helped push the movement of modern and effective front-end coding practises forward. In effect ?DHTML? has been deprecated and I see no reason why not to dump the term all together. So in the bin it goes.

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