Caroline Castigliano Bride

Now before you all start let me just say the following…
This bridal fashion site is a part of what I find good about doing a certain ‘print like’ style but remaining a online experience. This strong photographic style, like a glossy magazine, doesn’t always work but here it still conveys the glamourous lifestyle that is fashion. It does fake not being print by altering it’s format but the bit I do like is ‘Store locations’. This is like what we used to see on a CD-Rom, you do remember, multimedia ? Don’t you?
Alas in some parts of the site it has the same crappy interface of a multimedia CD-Rom, I hate those scroll buttons. This isn’t a touchscreen kiosk. It’s a website, it needs to be accessible, usable and to communicate. The later meaning that it should convey a certain lifestyle image. It does that, not sure about how well it handles the Caroline Castigliano brand though. Flash sites do tend to look very alike although this effort is far better than the collection site . One out of three won’t kill us, content that communicates is a prize in itself. So all in all this is a good example of a online glossy brochure. Yes, it is a brochure and it is also a real website. And by the looks of things, like time and money, style and effort also make a good marriage.

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