Biege, copper and bronze

Saw a site on pixelsurgeon. It’s not the design that struck me but the color. Pixelsurgeon has a beautiful mix of warm grey, bronze and white. A color scheme with accents similar to mine, although mine may be more ‘colored’. I chose these colors I’d seen in a magazine covering recent interior design work. Copper, bronze, white and natural tones are, apparently ‘en vogue’.

When I saw Andrew Limbert’s website I thought web design seems to be calming down. Influences from other disciplines has always been a factor in most forms of design, especially web design. This site is so simple looking and well proportioned that it looks just right. The work on display also doesn’t clash, it does wash out some of the work that is so similar in color. But I really like it, color, form and usability all work. Making it simple isn’t that easy, and here we see how it could be done.

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