Best at CSS

Well ‘the List’ is floating around the net and I might as well chime in.
But really, how the hell would I know? If I consider the question carefully I realise that there are very few from who I’ve been inspired by or haved learned CSS from.

1. Dan Cederholm
2. Jeffrey Zeldman
3. Douglas Bowman
4. Dave Shea
5. Anne van Kesteren
6. Shaun Inman

To me this is not the list I would make. CSS is just a part of what I do. My Inspiration comes from those who make me think about web design as a whole, who insire me to do great design work. Suddenly the list looks very different.

1. Jon Hicks
2. Andy Budd
3. D. Keith Robinson (that D. doesn’t stand for doctor, I keep falling for that ;)
4. Todd Dominey
5. Jeff Croft
6. Robert Lindstrom (okay he’s not a blogger but damn this dude is good!)

Now I’ve got to get back to work and not waste my time on lists… Yes, I know… no women on the list. pfft.

Update: I added hyperlinks to the names on the lists… I mean it’s the web for christ’s sake.

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