Back online

It’s been very quite on the site for a while. Well, actually, it’s been much more than a while. My previous post was one year ago. A lot has happened since then. A new job, and then another and my girlfriend moved in.

What happened? I was updating my CMS when the whole thing broke my database. I’ve got lots of backups so that wasn’t so much of problem, except for the fact I couldn’t get it back up on the site. The database upload would timeout. I gave up, put the system offline and got on with my life. So much so it drowned out any desire or inclination to get this site back up and running.

It was around this time I was looking for another job. Zappwerk, now called Total Active Media, did present me with the challenge I needed to evolve in my work, and I take my work very seriously. My next challenge was something I was look forward to. I landed the senior design role at Tiscali Netherlands and that kept me very busy and satisfied. Well, for a few months at least.
A few months in to the job it was announced that KPN would be buying Tiscali Netherlands and all it’s assets. This is not what I had in mind when I joined the multinational and after considering the possibilities I came to the painful conclusion that I couldn’t really stay there. I feared that KPN would drain the company of it’s drive for excellence and technical prowess. After 7 months I left.

So where too next? The answer became clear, it was 42.
Right form the get go I was very busy at 42. Doing pretty much what I was doing at Tiscali. Designing webpages, web application interfaces helping teams set up the front-end. Advising clients on the possibilities of upcoming projects and more often how to deal with the communication of product pages.

It’s been slowing down temporarily and so I’m taking advantage of my new found energy to post on this site. I was still posting on my personal blogger site but I felt I needed to get back on the horse and talk about what I love doing. Creating web standard and crossplatform web site and or applications. I hear Web 2.0 was a bit of hype. pffft nothing really changes.

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