Apple or no Apple

My work computer is a MacBook Pro, I’m very happy with it. It’s fast, mobile, multi platform and handsome. As a web designer who often works on location with the client all of these things count. However I’m aware of the pitfalls when using it for personal use seeing as I no longer use my G4 Tower at home. Installing software I bought mixed in with company owned software on the MacBook can get tricky. Privacy, security and ownership issues are real. So I’m considering getting my own ‘personal’ computer. The iMac fits the bill very nicely and I held any purchase off until a new iMac revealed itself.

When it did finally come I was very happy to see the new design. Then I saw the horror, a glossy screen. This is a deal breaker, in fact such a screen is a complete non starter. Also the weak ass video card was a disappointment. But that no longer matters, it’s got a glossy screen.

So now what? A Mac Pro? Hmm. It seems like massive overkill to me. Seriously. If I can cope with a MacBook Pro for work then having a workstation at home is simply ridiculous. Well I suppose I can do two things. Rip the glossy bit off the iMac (it’s not part of the LCD panel) or buy a PC. If I ever bump into Steve Jobs I’m gonna kick him in the nuts. Glossy my arse.

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