AOL goes CSS, well sort of

AOL’s homepage has got the webstandards treatment. Although they should give it another once over to make it validate they have done a good job in not making it look like a CSS site. You know the ones, those sites that look like 37signals. Not that there is anything wrong with that it’s just that CSS sites don’t have to look like anything. They should just look just the way the designers want them to. The reason for the lack of design in CSS sites in the past is in my view is not because that designers are just now becoming aware of CSS, because most of them couldn’t care less, but because that there are now more developers who can actually make these sites happen. CSS is becoming mainstream and those who are still dragging their feet will have to make up for lost time when coming to grips with webstandards. AOL as a whole is by no means rid of superfluous markup but this is at least a start. It’s about time everybody else did to.

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