All-star team

Andy, Jeremy and Richard are this new company called clear:left. If there ever were to be a British all-star team this would be way up there, and here it is. We haven’t seen anything like this over here in the Netherlands. It’s in fact surprising that web standard mavericks get together and form a company like this at all. Great to see the creation of clear:left. Expectations run high.

Nice logo, nice name and although I don’t know the guys personally I’m sure they’re nice too. Having their own company they will quickly see that the advice they give is actually an asset, a commodity that enhances the value of clear:left. Blogging on ones own finding in web standards should be considered carefully anyway. Own a company were this knowledge is in of itself a selling point creates a editorial roadblock.

Will these guys restrict themselves of continue to make a name for themselves as leaders in showing the way by show us all how to do it? Both have their merits and pitfalls, so finding a balance will be tricky.
Consider 37-signals and Jason Fried. Both are equally famous, for different reasons. Clear:left will see a shift to becoming a consolidated knowledge platform with personalities propelling it forward. As I said, expectiations are high. Good luck guys!

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