Six Apart extends webservices

LiveJournal has joined the Six Apart blog family. Weblogging software (Movable Type), personal weblogging (Typepad) and now community based weblogging (LiveJournal). What’s left for Six Apart now it’s one of the world leaders in blogging software and servises?

I can imagine Six Apart looking into ways of plugging different kinds of sources to their blogging tools. Even allowing users to syndicate content. By building tools and services. Their acquired TypeKey technologies does seem to suggest a bigger picture. Now that Microsoft’s passport has bitten the dust the way seems clear to pick up the torch of unified user identification. The idea is a good one, as long as users can trust it and the technologie can be freely licensed.

Will there ever be a more enterprise orientated solution for blogging? Hooking into all kinds of information and allowing the content editors to publish the information in a variety of ways. We’ve all seen the publishing of RSS feeds and Moblogging I can see this extending to other kinds of information streams. Flash has potential to be used in other ways then it is now. It could allow information to be accessed such as RSS feeds are. Texting via mobile phones, Applets, desktop software, screen grabs from video streams. All these tools can be added to weblogging that now seems to be one of the driving forces of the internet of late. Because it’s so simple, and when it’s simple you know it will work. Complicated, feature rich internet died with the hype.

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