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CSS before your very eyes

Sometimes CSS looks so easy. Webgraphics posted this little gem. Such a simple idea and such a powerful demonstration of what CSS is all about. Content first style second.

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sIFR 2.0

Yes it’s that time again, sIFR 2.0 has finally been released. Time for a bit of sIFR bashing or maybe not? Possibly Flash has perfected font rendering and character kerning. I’m not going to hold my breath. And neither should you. Fingers crossed that Adobe will fix that Macromedia Flash mess because sIFR is here and it kicks ass.

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I’ve just finished the first fase of a redesign for a dutch weblog. I’m pretty pleased with it. Now lets see how long it takes for it to fall apart web standards wise.

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Everybody has been reading, talking and posting about it. Adobe is effectively buying Macromedia. It’s been an interesting day. Especially here at zappwerk.nl, where we use Coldfusion. Well for now anyway.

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Safari, still no box sizing

Apple has updated panter, and Safari along with it.

I’ve been hoping, almost praying for a box-sizing implementation in Safari 1.3. Alas, no joy. Will it ever come? Or have I missed something?

Update: Formfields now seem to have coloured backgrounds. But the innershadow effect isn’t transparent. Also textarea’s seem to behave badly when coloured.

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Tiger weblog

Did I read that correctly? Is Apple including weblog software in the upcoming release of Tiger? Well, it may be old news but I’ve only just copped on and I’m asuming that there was none in Panther. The server version of Tiger will contain a weblog server. Interesting.

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Old skills, new skills

Funny to see Dave Shea’s post on going too far with the ‘look mom, no tables’ gig. Old techniques often fade away and are forgotten or at least ignored. Why? Well, we tend to look for solutions in the techniques we use everyday. Sometimes techniques become more prevalent like the recent frenzy on ‘XmlHttpRequest’ due to crossplatform availability. Will blink and marquee make a comeback?

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"application / xhtml + xml", why bother?

Nobody in their right mind really cares whether their web page is ‘text/html’ or ‘application/xhtml+xml’. And why should they? I mean my pages look the damn same either way. The heavens don’t open up and God himself doesn’t bestow me with something along the lines of eternal life when I set my web page mime types to ‘application/xhtml+xml’.

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IE7, patch or full upgrade?

Chris Wilson, the lead program manager for the web platform in IE posted on the ‘IEblog’ introducing himself and outlining his involment in Internet Explorer. They’ve done good work on improving security, this we know. Web designers and developers alike were saddend to see little else.

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AJaX for weblogs

The Asynchronous JavaScript + XML (AJaX) solution is one that can bring happiness and bliss to web designers and web developers alike. However, as with many whiz-bang solutions caution is advised. Google uses it to great effect and personally I think they take it a bit too far. If a page changes in a way that its context changes then it should move to a new URI. People often bookmark content within a specific context. As soon as this is no longer true it maybe a clue that you’ve gone to far.

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